The following links contain useful information and are reliable companies who we would recommend if you are looking to buy a stove or for some general advice.

A Bell - Based in Kingsthorpe Northampton. The home of good design. Stoves and Fireplaces, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Gas, Electric, Home design. Bell offer the complete package, whatever your requirements. Please visit their website or call them on 01604 777500 for assistance.

Esse Stoves & Cookers are a British stove and cooker manufacturer. They are based in Barnoldswick and they certainly know what quality is. Both Jake and Russell have been trained by ESSE in all aspects of their solid fuel stoves and ranges. Should you require a service engineer for any ESSE product, please do not hesitate to ask. Further information can be found on the ESSE wesbite:

The Guild Of Master Chimney Sweeps - please see our page via the link on the left hand side for further information. Anything you want to know about chimney sweeping & related services can probably be answered here. You can also find a chimney sweep within any part of the country from here.

Click here to find a Chimney Sweep

Sweepsafe. Find your local Sweepsafe certified Chimney Sweep here, they cover the London area. We are sweepsafe registered and we work for Sweepsafe within the London area in the winter time. Further information is on their website:

Burnright is a national consumer campaign which seeks to address the issue of domestic combustion and unnecessary air pollution. It is a government backed campaign and also has the backing of the major chimney sweeping associations. It is important that anyone burning wood 'gets it right'. Getting it right means you can Save money, have a safer cleaner chimney, prolong the life of your chimney and stove, have a more enjoyable burning experience and create significantly less air pollution.

For more information, please feel free to ask us by phone or during your visit, or follow this link for advice on safe burning: Burnright Online