3. Frequently asked questions

How often should I sweep my chimney?

  • Smokeless Coals: At least once a year
  • Wood: Once a Quarter when in use
  • Bitumous Coal: Twice a year
  • Oil: Once a year
  • Gas: Once a year

Why do I need a certificate?

Many insurance companies now require you to prove that you have had your chimney swept. A Guild Certificate will be recognised by your insurance company.

They also fulfill a landlords mandatory safety obligations regarding Oil, Gas and Solid Fuel.

Do you make a mess?

We are very clean sweeps. With the methods we use and the technology we employ we generally expect to leave your fireplace cleaner than we found it. On occasions we can find birds nests, falling masonry or other such obstacles lodged inside a flue. We also find badly installed appliances. These are much more difficult to contain and when this happens we cannot guarantee that there won't be a slight mess.

What's the best wood to burn?

For the best results logs should be seasoned for two years or more. This will not only give twice the output of freshly felled wood but it will also help to avoid the build up of tar in your flue. Basically the drier the wood the better it burns. Hardwood logs are better still. They have about twice the calorific value of softwoods.

I have a woodburning Stove with a metal flue all the way to the top. Does this still need to be swept as often?

Yes. Soot still forms inside these Flues and there is still a risk of a chimney fire. Blockages can also still occur. See above for sweeping frequency.